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River Corner Angus is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and is family owned and operated. Our commercial cow/calf operation was started in 2004 with a small herd of Short Horn cattle. In 2007, we started to grow the commercial herd and introduced Simmental/Angus genetics.

With the goal of improving the quality of our feeders for natural market beef, we decided to use solely Angus sires in 2010. Our first registered Angus heifer was purchased in 2012 from Wehrmann Angus and the rest is history. Since that time we have continued to grow our registered herd and worked to improve the herd genetics, in both our registered and commercial stock, through use of top notch AI sires.

In 2014, we began marketing our natural beef to local customers and have continued to grow this sector of our operation each year. We have been developing our seedstock sector and currently have Rita and Royal Lass cow families, along with offspring by Deer Valley Growth Fund, GAR Prophet, Poss Rawhide, GAR Home Town, and Tehama Tahoe among others. River Corner Farms, LLC was established in 2016 with River Corner Angus developing as a natural outgrowth of the farming operation.

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River Corner Angus is owned and operated by George and Michele Bard.  Both George and Michele were born and raised in Lancaster County, PA.  George’s love of cattle started with the dairy industry and transitioned to beef cattle in 2004.  Michele was raised on a small farm that operated a grain business. Today George works as the farm manager while Michele works off the farm during the day and helps out in the evenings and weekends.  Both George and Michele love working with the cattle and being part of the farming community.  They have been richly blessed by God to have the opportunity to grow up in rural America and become good stewards of the cattle and land with which they were entrusted.