Quality Beef

River Corner Angus natural beef is bred and raised to produce an outstanding dining experience. One of the most rewarding things about raising excellent market beef is introducing new customers to the delicacy of “home grown” natural meat. Our customers have come to expect an exceptional product which routinely grades at Choice+ and Prime levels.

We have always been committed to producing completely natural beef that is free from any type of growth hormones. In addition, River Corner Angus natural beef is raised on grass and finished on hay and grain silage. This allows for the most flavorful filets, steaks, and roasts. Our hamburger patties are truly delicious and provide and excellent grilling experience as well! Even our ground beef is exceptionally tasty!

River Corner Angus is a certified Beef Quality Assurance producer. This means that we meet the necessary requirements for handling our cattle in a humane and stress free manner.

We currently market our beef in a 75 mile radius from our farm in Conestoga, PA. Because quality is so important to us, we want our customers to have the freshest product possible. This allows us to deliver the product directly from the USDA butcher shop to the customer without compromising quality.

Contact Us


If you are interested in experiencing the quality of River Corner Angus natural beef, or have questions about our beef, please contact us either directly at (717) 682-1220 (Michele) or through the contact page of our website.  It is important to reach out as early as possible in order to secure your spot on the list for the upcoming season.  We would love to add you to our customer base and have you realize just how delicious our beef is compared to our competitors and grocery store meat.