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We are a family owned and operated cow/calf operation that raises registered Angus seedstock, commercial cattle, and natural Angus market beef. Our focus on quality drives our primary goal to breed and raise excellent cattle that exceed our customers’ expectations. This is accomplished through the selection of outstanding AI sires that complement the physical and genetic qualities of our cows. Here at River Corner Angus, we use a balanced approach that targets both maternal and carcass traits with the goal of creating cattle with eye appeal that perform on both the pasture and the plate.

Our registered Angus cattle are bred to produce seedstock that will help the next owner achieve their herd quality objectives. As part of our balanced approach, we pay very close attention to calving ease, docility, foot scores, marbling, RE, and $ values.

Our natural Angus market beef is bred and finished to grade between high choice and prime. River Corner Angus customers have come to expect a final product that has excellent flavor and creates an outstanding dining experience.

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Although River Corner Angus is a relatively small farm, our commitment to raising high quality Angus cattle through ongoing genetic improvement at all levels drives our entire operation. We strive to keep our customers at the forefront of our breeding decisions so that our Angus cattle ultimately surpass the buyers’ expectations of quality seedstock and/or market beef.